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Josh Royse - A Thousand Reasons

I'll tell you like it is, I just want this kiss.
I want to touch you, like I'll never touch again.
I'll tell you what Ill be, Ill be everything.
Ill make you want me. Ill make you need me.

There's a thousand reasons, why I'm breathing now.
But your the only one, the only one I care for.

Your heart looks best when it rests in my hands, I swear I'll hold it gently.
Your lips look best when they're pressed to mine, I swear I'll kiss you gently.

3.9.08 21:37


Also ich bin die Anna und ich bin 15 Jahre alt ^^.. ich komme aus Hamburg. Meine Hobbies sind Tennis spielen, tanzen, lesen .. Mehr über mich?

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.. auf meinem kleinen Beitrag im großen WWW. Viel Spaß wuensche ich euch hier. :D
Tschu Harjan! :P

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